FEMADEX Lime Remover For Automatic Dishwashers

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Features and Usage
This product is formulated for use in industrial dishwashers. It removes limes from the dishwashers. Hard water forms a layer on the various parts of your dishwasher, ventually causing breakdowns which are costly to repair. When used periodically, Femadex Lime Remover prevents lime layers from forming and prolongs the service life of your machine,
while eliminating the energy loss that stems from accumulation of lime scales. It does not have a corrosive impact on stainless steel.

Sectors of use : Foodstuff sector, hospitals, plants etc.

Deionized water, Etidronic Acid %<5, Nonionic surface active matter %<5, Protector
Harmfulness (H) Symbols
It causes severe skin burns and eye damage.

Prevention (PA) Symbols
Don’t breathe / inhale the product.
If swallowed : Rinse your mouth with fresh water. Don’t try to throw up.
If on skin (or hair) : change your clothes and rinse your skin (hair) with fresh water.
If inhaled/breathed : stay in the clear area and keep safe position.
contact with nearest health care organisation immediately.

To the attention of users :
Before using read user guide and MSDS carefully.
Use gloves.
Store it in cool/dry place.
Keep it away from children.
Send it to recycling after completely used.

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