FEMADEX Industrial Manual Dishwashing Liquid

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Features and Usage
It can be used to clean all kinds of glass, laboratory equipment and kitchenware. It offers high bubbling capacity even in hard water. During the washing process, it does not require rubbing or wiping. It will not leave behind traces and is easy to rinse. Thanks to this feature, it shortens the washing period. It does not contain phosphate and will not leave behind residues due to its biodegradability.

Sectors of use : Foodstuff sector, home use etc…

Deionized water, Anionic surface active matter %1-6, Sodium Hydroxide %<5 (Cas No: 1310-73-2), Formaldehit %<5 (Cas No: 50-00-0), Protector
Harmfulness (H) Symbols
It causes severe skin burns and eye damage.

Prevention (PA) Symbols
Don’t breathe / inhale the product.
If swallowed : Rinse your mouth with fresh water. Don’t try to throw up.
If on skin (or hair) : change your clothes and rinse your skin (hair) with fresh water.
If inhaled/breathed : stay in the clear area and keep safe position.
contact with nearest health care organisation immediately.

To the attention of users :
Before using read user guide and MSDS carefully.
Use gloves.
Store it in cool/dry place.
Keep it away from children.
Send it to recycling after completely used.

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