FEMADEX Bleach Gel

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Features and Usage
More consistent than ordinary bleach, FEMADEX BLEACH GEL clings
to the surface on which it is applied and provides a long-term
disinfection process.

Sectors of use : Foodstuff sector, hospitals, areas of common use, etc…

Deionized water, Sodium Hypochlorite %10 (Cas No: 7681-52-9), Anionic surface active matter %<5, Sodium Hydroxide %<5 (Cas No: 1310-73-2), Protector
Harmfulness (H) Symbols
It causes severe skin burns and eye damage.

Prevention (PA) Symbols
Don’t breathe / inhale the product.
If swallowed : Rinse your mouth with fresh water. Don’t try to throw up.
If on skin (or hair) : change your clothes and rinse your skin (hair) with fresh water.
If inhaled/breathed : stay in the clear area and keep safe position.
contact with nearest health care organisation immediately.

To the attention of users :
Before using read user guide and MSDS carefully.
Use gloves.
Store it in cool/dry place.
Keep it away from children.
Send it to recycling after completely used.

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